4 Wooden Nickels

"Don't take any wooden nickels."

Architect, Birgitte Hovmøller’s, Sunrise House in San Diego. Inspired by Scandinavian and Mexican contemporary and traditional design, the house has a solar panel lined roof and was designed to harness the sun.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

It’s that time of year again folks. Single’s Awareness Day, aka SAD. For the last three years I’ve patiently waited for Modi of DCtoBC to release his annual SAD Mixtape and here it is. SAD6. Enjoy alone or with a special someone!


It’s that special day again! Single’s Awareness Day :(#SAD):

The songs on this year’s mix evoke different feelings: love, heartache, lust, indifference, passion, happiness, sadness, and several more emotions are all represented.

Over 60 tracks, recorded live in lonely Los Angeles. Special intro produced by Gianni Lee featuring myself.

Enjoy :)

Tracklist coming soon, we just had to get it up for you east coasters!

Shirley Temple

Shirley Temple

I’ll be cheering for team USA the next few days but Canada definitely has a place in my heart because of this video. 

Happy Black History Month!